la vue d'ici ✖︎

in the land of gods & monsters, I was an angel ;;

Today my full body mirror, laptop mouse, and Christmas lights all broke. Then I got an email saying that there are no more bed ladders available so I’ll have to keep on climbing in an out of the top of my fully bunked bed. (I almost fell on the way down today).

But my first day of classes went well so I refuse to count this as a “bad day.” It’s more like just a day where luck was not on my side.

My first photoshoot actually went really well.

made of .gif of me being cheeky (by my own standards) in a bathing suit but idk if I’m gonna post because 1. I probably look dumb & 2. I’ve already lost enough followers for a lifetime. 

So I just met with the photographer I’m going to shoot with tomorrow for tea and I’m pretty excited. I think I’m finally coming out of my shell and not being too nervous about certain things. Hopefully things go well tomorrow. :) 

I don’t think its fair that I wake up and automatically feel like shit. Like, damn body, give me a chance to at least try to have a good day before you fuck it up. 

When I’m talking to someone in real life, I spend about 95% of the time thinking about how much of a loser I sound like and that’s basically the reason why I hate having any sort of communication with people offline. 

Here’s to still being in bed despite waking up 4 hours ago because I have no motivation to get this day started.

I am actually so ready to go back to school. I’m determined to have the easiest, most stress-free semester and I feel good about taking control of myself and the situations I’ll be in.

My mother brought home a bottle of 7500 mcg super strength biotin and this stuff is supposed to help hair, nails, skin, depression, fatigue, and metabolism AKA 99% of my problems. 

This year I want to:
  • get all A’s & B’s
  • take more pictures
  • avoid any roommate/suite mate conflict
  • avoid eating the shit they serve us on campus
  • not take on any extra, long-term commitments

I just don’t want anything to over-stress me this year.
After last year, I’m so done with it. 

I am with the best person in the world and if I’m defensive and possessive of them, then I have good right to be. 

  1. Me: -sweats a little because its hot out-
  2. Me: Well that's my work out for the day.

A buddy just offered me a job working 2 hours, 1 night a week for $25 +free drinks and I got a logo job today so the day was not a total waste for once and that’s pretty rad. 

Just woke up because Matt is coming to pick me up at 3AM to bring me to his uncle’s so we can hang for a couple days. Gonna be a good getaway.